Equipment List



Consoles: Studio: Yamaha 01V96i 40 input digital mixer, dynamics and parametric EQ on all channels. Yamaha 16 Ch Live mixer with built in Graphic EQ and EFX. 

Mastering Deck: Otari MTR-12 II (center-track) 1/4", 2-Panasonic SV-300 RDAT.

Analog Noise Reduction: Dolby 363 SR / A 2 Channels

Digital Audio Workstation: ProTools Studio and REAPER, Anetlope 2017 Audio Interface with FPGA effects, M-Audio 2626, Waves, Antares, Plug and Mix, Native Instruments ultimate, Artura Collection, New Fangled Audio.  Total of 24 inputs into the workstation for tracking. 

Signal Processing: Yamaha REV-7's, Yamaha SPX-90, Eventide H-3000 Ultra Harmonizer, ADA Pitchtrack, Aphex Type II Aural Exciter, Aphex Type B Aural Exciter, 2-dbx 263X de-esser's, B.A.S.E. Spatial Processor.

Mic Pre's: 10 Chanales of Focusright Mic Pre's, TL Audio Stereo Mic Pre, Pro Sonis Mic Pre's, 12 Antelope Mic Pre with emulations. 

Analog EQ's: Orban 672A 8 band full parametric, Orban 622B four band stereo full parametric

Compressors: Crane Song STC-8 Stereo Compressor, Focusright Platinum Stereo Compressor, Focusrite Red 3 Stereo Compressor, Joe Meek Optical Stereo Compressor.

Sound Modules and Synths: Roland JV 1010 with Hip Hop Card and Session Card, Oberheim Matrix 6R, Sequential Drumtrax, 2-Alesis D-4 Drum Module, Oberheim Matrix 1000, Kawi K1, Yamaha DX7, Full arsenal of software synths and sampling libraries from Native Instruments, Waves, and Arturia.

Instruments: Yamaha C-3 6 foot grand piano, Young Change 6 foot, Fender P-Bass, Fender Jazz Bass, Fender, Telecaster, Kramer DMZ-5000 Fretless Bass, Gibson J-40 acoustic, Taylor 516CE 6 String Acoustic, Fender Stratacaster, Fender Rhodes Piano, Wurlitzer Piano, Fender Bass Rhodes, Line 6 Pod, Line 6 Bass Pod, Piper P100K, Fender Sidekick amp, Hammond and Lesley by request and a wide range of vintage amplifiers by Fender, Sunn and Marshal by request. Mapex 5 piece drum set, Wide variety of speaker cabinets.

Microphones: AKG "The Tube", AKG 414's, Neuman U-87, Neuman KM-140's, Rhode NT2's, Rhode NT1's, EV-RE20, AKG 330's, 320's, 451's, 460's, D-12's, D112. Audio Technica ATM-63's, Tascam PE-250's, Sony Condensers, American and Shure Ribbons, Shure SM-57's Sennheiser 421's & more!

Monitors: JBL 308P's, KRK 7000's, Yamaha NS10's with matching sub wolf, Auratone 5-C, Fostex and Sony headphones. Ramsa, Crown, Biamp, Yamaha, Symetrix and QSC Amplification.

Sound Effect and Music Libraries: Digi-fx, Hollywood Edge, Cititrax, Sound Ideas and large custom sound F/X and large music library. Custom music scoring, recording and sound effects design available, online libraries for music and sound effects.

Sound Impressions 503-781-2539